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Wealth Philosophy – Living Above the Line
Total Wealth Planning – Intersection of Financial Plan and Investment Management
Superior Service – Tailored, Efficient, Responsive

OUR 3-Meeting Process

Test Drive Our Firm

  • Meeting No. 1: Introductions

    You’ll meet our team members and hear about our philosophy, cost structure, and service. We’ll learn about you, your finances, and priorities. You’ll preview our cutting-edge investment and financial planning tools. By the end of this meeting we’ll know if there’s a good "fit" to meet again.
  • Meeting No. 2: Initial Findings Review

    In our second meeting, we’ll present our draft of your plan - a clear picture of your overall finances using information gathered during and after our first meeting. Then we’ll refine and adjust that draft together during the meeting, based on your feedback. You’ll see the impact of various financial scenarios and decisions. We’ll use our robust financial planning software to stress test your portfolio and determine if you’re on track to meet your financial objectives. To prepare for our final meeting, we’ll look closely at your financial risks, expenses, income sources, tax considerations, employee benefits, and more.
  • Meeting No. 3: Comparative Analysis

    You’ll receive our initial investment recommendations, which you’re free to use right away. We’ll compare our recommendations to your current investments and explain our rationale for proposed changes. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations on a wide range of financial planning topics tailored to your needs and priorities. If you decide to hire our team, we can begin implementation as soon as you like. If you decline to hire us, the plan and recommendations are yours to keep.


Our comprehensive and practical financial planning strategies seek to offer a superior, full-service and integrated experience.

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