Tax Loss Harvesting: Making Tax Lemonade from Bear-Market Lemons

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Time to Read: 6 Minutes Tax-loss harvesting is an investment strategy used by savvy investors during market declines. A “bank” of capital losses creates a tax asset in non-retirement accounts. That asset can be used to defer, reduce, or (in some cases) eliminate taxation. At Brown Wealth Management (BWM), we take care of harvesting

Estate Planning Basics

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Patrick recently sat down with local San Diego attorney Teddy McNamara to discuss some common questions we hear from clients about their estate plans.  Tune in as they discuss some estate planning basics including: What are the basics of an estate plan? What documents are involved in an estate plan? Do I need an

Excessive Optimism and Record Rally Trigger (Another) Portfolio Rebalance

By |2020-09-04T09:41:56-08:00September 4th, 2020|Market Commentary|

Time to Read: 5 Minutes After March delivered a historical drop in the stock market and ended the longest bull market on record, BWM rebalanced portfolios to move from an underweight position in stocks to an equal weight, taking advantage of attractive valuations and extreme pessimism. Yesterday, we rebalanced again for very similar reasons,

Roth Conversion: A Better Way to IRA

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Time to Read:7 Minutes Roth IRAs are known for their tax-free growth and withdrawals; however, high earners and retirees regularly overlook these dream savings accounts because they have income limits that, on the surface, prevent them from participating. At Brown Wealth Management (BWM), we think that Roth conversions are an effective, alternative way to