The Federal Reserve: That thing you always hear in the news but know very little about

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Time to Read: 9 Minutes If you follow the economy in the news – and sometimes even if you don’t - you may have heard terms like “the Federal Reserve”, “Chairman Powell”, “transitory”, and “tapering”. Reporting on these terms is often followed by prognostications on how the markets may or may not react to

How ESG Investing Aligns Your Values with Your Portfolio

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Time to Read: 5 Minutes ESG is one of the fastest-growing themes within the investment world, quickly gaining prominence across the spectrum of financial products from ETFs to specialized, custom strategies. The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment reports that total U.S.-domiciled sustainably invested assets under management grew 42% between 2018 and 2020. They now represent 33% of the $51.4 trillion

Building a Lasting Legacy: 6 Ways for Affluent Families to Bullet-Proof their Estate Plan

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Time to Read: 15 Minutes We live in a “golden age” for estate planning: high federal gifting limits, low interest rates, and no capital gains on inherited assets. However, this may change soon.    The generations-high gifting exemption ($11.7 million per person and $23.4 million per couple in 2021) will sunset at the end of 2025. And with the record-breaking COVID-19 stimulus, tax hikes have been proposed to lower

Medicare Made Easy: How High Earners Can Reduce the Hassle

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Time to Read: 16 Minutes Medicare can frustrate retirees trying to decode the “alphabet soup” of plan options. This decision is especially important for high earners who might have higher premiums. Thoughtful changes to your investments can help lower your monthly bill. We at Brown Wealth Management know how important it is to find

Excess SIPC Insurance: Are Your Investments Safe?

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Time to Read: 8 Minutes As a high-net worth individual, you’ve worked hard, made smart investments, and followed a sound strategy to create a significant portfolio. But as we all know, making money is just one part of amassing wealth—keeping it is just as important.  Asset protection for affluent families is especially critical because it requires a

The Backdoor Roth IRA: A Strategy for Tax-Advantaged Savings for High Earners

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Time to Read: 13 Minutes The backdoor Roth gives high earners access to a tax-free Roth IRA.  It can protect from rising taxes, give flexibility in retirement, and provide more for loved ones.  However, a backdoor Roth IRA isn’t right for everyone, and done incorrectly it can run up a hefty tax bill.  At Brown Wealth Management, we guide clients through every step from understanding their options to ensuring a smooth experience.   Before we

Getting the Most from your Qualcomm Benefits Package

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Time to Read: 16 Minutes At Brown Wealth Management, we’ve helped executives, engineers, and scientists at San Diego companies with their financial affairs for over 20 years. This often involves navigating the complexities of employee benefits, such as company stock, options, retirement plans, and insurance benefits.  In over two decades, we’ve amassed comprehensive knowledge on the benefits at companies like Qualcomm. Many executives are simply so focused on their