Just Getting Started Collecting Art? These Tips Will Help You Choose Wisely

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Time to Read: 7 minutes While art isn’t a component of our traditional asset allocation or financial planning techniques, it is a large part of some of our client’s “Living Above the Line” strategy-using money as a tool to focus on what’s most important to them.  Getting started collecting art can be challenging. With such

Equity vs. Salary Compensation: A Quick Guide For San Diego Tech Employees

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Time to Read: 6 minutes Not only does Brown Wealth Management share our San Diego home with some of the most innovative companies in the nation including Qualcomm, Illumina, ViaSat, but we continue to see a huge expansion of start-ups and tech companies popping up around the county.  And while an up-and-coming tech company typically

Tips For Retirement Income Planning

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Time to Read: 10 minutes | Tips for Retirement Income Planning Much time, energy, and thought are put into the fundamentals of saving for retirement before retirement happens – how to allocate assets, understanding the benefits of tax-advantaged retirement accounts, etc.  Less emphasis is put on how to withdraw the funds once you’re in retirement. Retirement

Expertise in Every Role: Why You Want an Operations Team with a CFP® Professional

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Time to Read: 5 minutes | How Others Do It When clients interact with a top financial planner, the depth of knowledge in wealth management strategies is apparent and often indicated by the professional designation of the CFP® certification.  However industry-wide, many practices are structured so this knowledge is top heavy and siloed in

After Introductions Meeting – FAQs

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Time to read: 5 minutes | Many of these questions are addressed in our first Introductory Meeting, but we cover a lot of ground, so we’ve collected the most common follow up questions we get after prospective clients engage in their first meeting with Brown Wealth Management. Fees? Based on your situation and the