We help you protect what you’ve worked your whole life to create.

Whether you’re 35, 46 or 64, you didn’t work hard to build all that you have just to have it fall apart when you’re gone or unable.

At Brown Wealth Management Group, we believe that in order to be completely satisfied with your life you need a vision for your legacy as much as for your life itself. Estate planning is a tool to not only help you preserve your wealth for generations to come, but also an opportunity to pass down a financial legacy so that future generations can learn and benefit from your success.

Our estate planning services consider the very important aspects of your life, financially and otherwise.

It Has Already Made the Tough Decisions

If something were to happen to you and you are not able to make decisions, your family will be required to make difficult choices in your absence or inability regarding your money, end of life wishes and medical care. Estate planning documents your decisions in advance so that your family doesn’t have to, ensuring your wishes are fulfilled and their burden minimized.

It Protects Your Family

If your children are minors, an estate plan will document guardianship and how they are to be supported financially. An estate plan will also eliminate legal disputes that can arise over your affairs. Without an estate plan, probate court will decide how to settle your affairs. The courts, not you, will determine everything from determining the validity of a will to the amount you owe in estate taxes to who qualifies as an heir (and who doesn’t).1

It Reduces Your Estate Tax Exposure

With estate planning, we help you minimize your estate tax exposure so you can leave more of your wealth to the people, causes and institutions that matter to you most. Estate planning allows you to direct your wealth toward your legacy and avoid making over contributions to the government with tools like charitable remainder trusts, philanthropic donor services, revocable living trusts and life insurance trusts.2

It Puts You in Control of Your Legacy

You have worked your whole life to become successful and estate planning lets you determine exactly how you want your affairs handled after you’re gone, whether it’s your personal finances, business interests, investments or other assets you own. Estate planning also allows you to determine what happens to your digital assets so that online access to your accounts, social media, emails, websites and other digital property of yours is handled as you wish.

At Brown Wealth Management Group, we create comprehensive and practical planning solutions that offer superior, full-service of your wealth and financial legacy.


1Brown Wealth Management and LPL do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

2This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.