We searched the web for the top questions to ask when hiring your financial advisor, distilled them into nine primary inquiries and compiled our answers into a single article. While we believe Q&A is just the first step of an extended, personalized introductory process, we aim to be transparent and direct on these fundamentals

What level of service can I expect?

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We pride ourselves on responsiveness and proactive communication. Because our close-knit team of skilled and experienced individuals works collaboratively, clients have the freedom to ask any one of us for assistance.  We often hear from clients that they feel informed and up-to-date due to our proactive communication throughout the year—from scheduling regular review meetings and

What is your investment philosophy?

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In order to successfully implement a total wealth plan, you need an investment process which is dynamic and adaptable. Our process: Begins with the development of your financial plan, which includes a side-by-side stress test of your goals, savings, and income versus potential portfolios. This statistical simulation includes 1,000 possible market environments and helps us identify the minimum risk

What do your services include?

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Our services can best be summarized as “total wealth planning”-the multi-leveled integration of financial planning, investment management and client service.  Using advanced tools and technology, we regularly monitor and track the following total wealth planning topics and services: Retirement Planning Social Security review and claiming strategies Retirement income planning and optimization Pre- and post- retirement

Who do you serve?

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Approximately 200 families*, and we add 5-10 new clients each year. Most of our clients are considered high net worth, with $2 million-$50 million in investable assets. Many of our clients are/were San Diego locals, but 20% are now spread throughout the country. Our clients are typically pre-retirees who are envisioning what they want the

How are you paid? Are there other costs (fund, trading, annual account fees, etc.)?

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Our Fees: Our service is priced to be competitive and aligned with your interests.  Annual fees begin at 1% of assets managed and drop considerably for larger accounts. Other Costs: We also pay our cost to trade (to keep the percentage fee low) and we strive to use investments that have minimal internal expenses. Mindful

Are you a fiduciary?

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Yes.  We act in a fiduciary role by placing our clients’ interest ahead of our own, addressing potential conflicts of interest, and disclosing our fees and how we’re compensated. Objective market research and lack of proprietary investment products support our commitment to keep our clients’ best interests in mind.

What are your qualifications?

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Brown Wealth Management has over 100 years of collective financial advisory experience and manages over $600 million.  We help affluent families face complex challenges and make critical and informed decisions. We maintain a commitment to excellence through continued coaching and professional training, along with a specific team structure that highlights areas of specialty. Our team’s