Living Above the Line

We believe that to become more satisfied with your life, you need a vision.  For example, what are your unique talents, passions, and priorities? How should you spend your time each day to make the most of your life?  To realize that vision, you’ll need the right strategies, tools, and tactics.

Your vision and goals are what we call “above the line.”

The strategies, tactics and tools you use are “below the line.”

Too often, people spend their financial lives focusing ‘below the line’: trying to earn more money, comparing investment strategies, deciding which investments to buy and attempting to time the financial markets. They may make incremental progress, but what is really being achieved? Climbing the ladder of success only to find it’s leaning against the wrong wall can be a devastating realization.

We can help you live “above the line” and elevate your focus to what’s really important.  This often requires a paradigm shift. You’ll still need to work hard – but you’ll also need to delegate strategically. You supply the vision and goals and then delegate ‘below the line’ items to us. We’ll report to you regularly so you’re always informed and free to focus on what’s really important. And we’re on retainer when you have new ideas and want to collaborate with a trusted partner.

Let’s Talk — Above the Line

At Brown Wealth Management, we want to become your most valuable financial resource. We specialize in helping people live ‘above the line’. Let us know what’s important to you and we’ll show you how we can help.