More than money management

At Brown Wealth Management Group, we see ourselves not only as your trusted financial advisor, but as your personal CFO who helps manage all aspects of your financial life.

Maintaining the “financial garage,” as we call it, can be a lot of work. Just as your home garage can become completely disorganized and cluttered after a little neglect, so too can your financial garage. This is where we are able to step in and organize, streamline and manage your finances just as you would do yourself. We’ll make sure we are on top of every financial detail so you never have to worry. And in the meantime, your financial garage is clean, organized and fully functional.

We believe that true financial independence comes when our clients allow us to proactively protect and manage their finances. With that confidence, you are able to determine the best use of your time, talents and resources.

Proactively protecting and managing your finances means that we’re coordinating all aspects of your financial life so that everything is working together to support your vision for your life. It’s why we insist on bringing your other trusted advisors like your CPA, attorney, real estate agent or banker into the wealth planning process and then maintaining open and ongoing communication with them.

At Brown Wealth Management Group, you have a team of financial advisors ready to coordinate all matters that relate to your finances and investments.