Building a Lasting Legacy: 6 Ways for Affluent Families to Bullet-Proof their Estate Plan

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Time to Read: 15 Minutes We live in a “golden age” for estate planning: high federal gifting limits, low interest rates, and no capital gains on inherited assets. However, this may change soon.    The generations-high gifting exemption ($11.7 million per person and $23.4 million per couple in 2021) will sunset at the end of 2025. And with the record-breaking COVID-19 stimulus, tax hikes have been proposed to lower

Tax Saving Strategies for Higher Earners (Working or Retired): Part III – Qualified Charitable Distributions

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Time to Read: 6 Minutes Charitable giving may already be a part of your annual tax and estate planning. But if you are over age 70 ½ and have an IRA, you can donate directly from the IRA, satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution, and reduce your taxable income. It’s called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), and