Building a Lasting Legacy: 6 Ways for Affluent Families to Bullet-Proof their Estate Plan

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Time to Read: 15 Minutes We live in a “golden age” for estate planning: high federal gifting limits, low interest rates, and no capital gains on inherited assets. However, this may change soon.    The generations-high gifting exemption ($11.7 million per person and $23.4 million per couple in 2021) will sunset at the end of 2025. And with the record-breaking COVID-19 stimulus, tax hikes have been proposed to lower

The Letter of Intent: An Estate Planning Must-Have to Care for Your Family

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Time to Read: 9 Minutes At Brown Wealth Management we feel that nothing drives your financial goals more than your values. All the other pieces of your financial plan are in service to those values and your estate plan is the way you ensure that the care and protection you provide for your family continues. Legal structures

Estate Planning Basics

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Patrick recently sat down with local San Diego attorney Teddy McNamara to discuss some common questions we hear from clients about their estate plans.  Tune in as they discuss some estate planning basics including: What are the basics of an estate plan? What documents are involved in an estate plan? Do I need an